Heat Lose Chris Bosh Indefinitely To Severe Poetic Justice


From The Onion: "After examining Bosh's test results, I have to say that this comeuppance for unbounded hubris will certainly keep Bosh out for the rest of the playoff series against Indiana, if not longer," Heat physician Dr. Harlan Selesnick said. "Unfortunately, no matter how fitting it may be, this is exactly the kind of cosmic, karmic punishment the team can't afford at this time."

Amar'e Stoudemire needs to switch to DIRECTV.


Amar'e Stoudemire needs to switch to DIRECTV.

D'Antoni & Nash in Orlando?


Do people make this stuff up because they want it to happen? Van Gundy is still on the toilet and hasn't even wiped, should D'Antoni drop em and start crapping all over him?

Amar'e issues public plea for Nash to join him in NY


"Everyone knows that Steve loves New York and that New York loves Steve," Stoudemire told The Daily News. "I love Steve. It would be great to have him here next year."

Oden on Oden


A recent interview with Greg Oden

First Free Agent Target, Alonzo Gee


We are expected to offer RFA Alonzo Gee a multi-year deal worth 4MM per season. The 6'6", 220-pound swingman averaged 10.6 PPG and 5.1 RPG, both career highs, while posting a 13.2 PER. Personally I think this is a bad move, why amnesty Chilly when you're just going to sign Gee.

Listen, you might end up on a team where the five man is going to be fat and slow. You've got this...


Listen, you might end up on a team where the five man is going to be fat and slow. You've got this five man who is running the floor for you.

Gortat convincing Nash to return next season

A lengthy recap of the Phoenix Suns season


Some videos, some player reviews and some reflection. Check it out!

Dwight Howard to request a trade this summer?


What do you guys think? I think it's definitely worth a look as long as we can get him to agree to an extension. Check out my article from the deadline about possible trade scenarios for Dwight Howard. Note: Those 2 trades go against all my beliefs in trading Jared Dudley, but it's what it would take. If we could do it without Dudley then it's a STEAL.