Suns leading the way!


Gillespie pulled out his Samsung Galaxy tablet and called up a video clip from the first quarter. He was able to immediately show his players what their opponents were doing so they could make quicker adjustments during the game. [...]The Suns became the first NBA team this season to outfit both players and coaches with tablet computers for use on and off the court.

Samsung and Apple's Next 'Court' Battle: Tablets in the NBA - Bloomberg

McDonough new GM today, Gambo tweets


Fines, Fines, Fines


Ever wonder who got fined the most, and for what? Here's all the data on that for the past decade.

Coro: McDonough rising to top


His background is more in the mold of a Sam Presti, the Oklahoma City GM who was groomed in the San Antonio front office. McDonough does not have a player’s background but has shown acumen for the advanced metrics that the Suns want to emphasize after making investments toward that in the past year. He is known for his work ethic and his parts in drafting Avery Bradley and making a draft-day trade with the Suns to get Rajon Rondo.

Gambo poops on Sarver sale rumor


From a source close to Robert Sarver...but yeah, it's not like Sarver has said things and then done other things in the past. We'll see how it plays out IRL vs on Twitter.

Barkley on the Suns GM job


"I don’t know Lon [Babby] and I don’t know Robert [Sarver] that well. Robert has always treated me good, but the notion that I will let Lon and Robert tell me about basketball players that’s not going to happen. I can tell you that right now."

Charles Barkley talks Suns GM opening, needing "another challenge" |

Suns exactly what Phil Jackson is looking for, he just doesn't know it.


If Phil Jackson could stomach a move to the valley he might find exactly what he's looking for.

GM Candidates List!


The GM search began this week with the Suns considering Milwaukee assistant GM Jeff Weltman (a finalist in 2010 when Blanks was hired), former Indiana Pacers GM and Arizona graduate David Morway and former Lakers assistant GM Ronnie Lester. Assistant GMs Ryan McDonough (Boston), Wes Wilcox (Atlanta) and Troy Weaver (Oklahoma City) are potential candidates too.

Phoenix Suns want general manager who will save franchise