New Suns hats to come with attached paper bag


New design minimizes fan embarassment and exposure to on-court product.

Suns Season Infographic (RealGM)


The Suns Season in infographic form, courtesy of RealGM. To compare to other teams, visit RealGM's Twitter page.

By the ESPN numbers, Bledsoe is 5th best PG in West


After ranking 13th overall PG in an earlier ESPN ranking, the numbers tell a different story. The Suns EricBledsoe ranks 5th in the West by the numbers, behind only Curry, Paul, Westbrook and Lillard.

Bledsoe ranks just above average


This is an interesting ranking mostly because it's made by players, coaches and team execs and not media clowns experts people. Knight came in 24th and Isaiah Thomas 25th for whatever that's worth.

Goran Dragic thanks fans apologizes for harsh words


You expect nothing less from one of the nicest guys in sports. (via @Goran_Dragic)

ESPN Insiders explain Dragic's value


Great analysis on both the contractual and statistical sides of The Goran Dragic situation.

2005 Suns All-Stars....memories


Where does the time go? It's been TEN YEARS since this great team took the floor.

Markieff Morris getting more love outside Phoenix than in


It's good to see Markieff get this kind of attention. And by the way, he's probably not getting nearly enough love at home.

How the Suns' three-headed point guard attack has worked out


Eric Bledsoe, Goran Dragic and Isaiah Thomas may have only played 156 minutes together for the Phoenix Suns, but they're lighting up teams when they do get on the floor together. Unfortunately it's difficult to find the right match-up to unleash this beast.

Alex Len's role keeps increasing


Has it seemed like Alex Len's role on the Suns keeps growing each week? Yup. It is.