The 50 greatest rebounders of ALL time.


Usually, I go to for humor but this guy put together an impressive list of the 50 best rebounders of all time. A few notable Suns are in the list as well, although I thought one Sun in particular should of been ranked higher, especially considering his size and the era he played in.

1992-93 Phoenix Suns Retrospective (Part 1)


I mentioned I might do this so after a little motivation I finally did it. It's my look back at the most fun Suns team I can remember watching- Charles Barkley and his 1992-93 set. This is Part 1, Part 2 will be published soon.

Breaking Down the Numbers Since The Trade


Extract: Offense worse, defense better, overall worse.

Free Nash Trade Ideas (aka Group Rosterbation Party)


These guys sat around in a circle with a poster of Steve Nash on the wall and went to town with the rosterbation... Have at it. Also, be sure to read this excellent look at pace stats that features how fast the Suns really play.

The Funniest Bleacher Report Trade Scenarios Of All Time


Some obviously very professional sports reporter thought up 12 trades that would save the Phoenix Suns and avoid us rebuilding. It's obvious he has a very, very sharp basketball mind and researched these scenarios hours before writing up this...Well, work of art.

Robin Lopez vs Marcin Gortat: Who's Better? - SB Nation AZ


Seth Pollack breaks down the numbers between Robin Lopez and Marcin Gortat answer the question: which center is more valuable to the Suns. Alvin Gentry said that the starting job is up for grabs between Gortat and Lopez and he would love to have one of those guys step up and claim the job. Fortunately, we have 13 games of data to use since the trade to make some assumptions and help him decide which way to go.

Luis Scola and Kevin Martin Available


There are rumblings coming from Houston that shooting guard Kevin Martin and power forward Luis Scola are available for trade. I know I wasn't the only Suns fan here who wanted the Suns to pursue Scola after Amare left for New York. Maybe now this could be our chance. the 6 foot 9 forward is having a career year could be exactly what we are looking for. A consistent scoring and rebounding threat in the paint. Not to mention he is a great passer at the four. On the other hand we have Martin, who would fit well in our system but other than this year he is always a huge injury risk. Also, Martin has 4 years left on his deal and Scola has 5. That's a lot of money to commit to two players, especially with the new CBA coming around. Let the rosterbating begin! The NBA trade deadline is less than a month away and experts are predicting that a lot of struggling teams will be desperate to unload talent for expiring deals to save money.

Will Nash dunk in the All Star game?


Nash posted this about the all star game. How awesome would it be?

NBA Power Rankings


The Good Folks at SB Rank the NBA Squads. Checkout Where the Suns are.