Gerald Green's agent has words for Suns


"It's completely unfair to misrepresent Gerald and his game like this," Kevin Bradbury of BDA Sports told Sporting News. "You’re talking about a player that wants to win at any cost and is a tremendous locker guy and teammate. I don't see the benefit for the coach to go about things this way."

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Zach Lowe dives deep on Suns


Second-guess McDonough at your peril. He’s a whip-smart basketball guy, he loves Knight, and he has a plan. I can’t wait to see what it is.

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Interesting thoughts from Coach Hornacek on NBA trends


"It's not going to get any easier as the years go on," Suns coach Jeff Hornacek said. "Some of the young teams, like New Orleans and Utah, now are taking those strides with top players and size. You look at (Omer) Asik and Anthony Davis. Those are two long guys that clog the middle and get offensive rebounds and block shots. You look at Utah with (Derrick) Favors and (Rudy) Gobert and how long those guys are. Maybe the trend is turning in some respect for some of these teams (about) that shooting stretch four. What's better? Maybe these teams will show, as the years go on, that maybe it'll get back that way." In that regard, having a 21-year-old centerpiece like Alex Len could serve Phoenix well. Ankle injuries have limited Len to 105 games in his first two seasons. "There are going to be some teams that are small and play like they do now, the Golden States and stuff, but then you're going to have teams like Utah and the Pelicans," Hornacek said. "When you look at your roster, you're going to have to have a good mix because you're going to play different types of teams every night as teams go on."

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NBA's elite speak up for playoff reform


"I just think it would be more interesting, because you'd have more good teams or teams that performed better, and I think it's more fair," said Popovich, whose Spurs have won five championships since 1999. "If you can take the top 16 teams, you just do it. It's better competition for the fans. It's the best teams. It's fair. … It's a good enough notion that it should definitely be talked about."

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Danny Granger wants to be the next Grant Hill


"I would love to play and suit up but I think overall, for me, as far as my long-term plan with my career is to get extremely healthy first," Granger said. "They told me what they did with Grant Hill when he came and hadn't played in two years. He probably played five or six years after that so that's my plan."

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Frye refutes Sarver's depiction of contract negotiations


"I think we have to take what that front office says with a grain of salt," Frye told reporters on Tuesday. "I think right now they need to focus on their own team. I think we had many negotiations between [us and] the Suns."

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Dragic responds to Suns response to his remarks


Dragic regretted how harshly his comment sounded before that day was over, even saying so on social media at the time, but he stood by the sentiment Monday. Just as McDonough and Babby took it personally to have Dragic question their trustworthiness, Dragic said it was hard for him to be called selfish by them and was surprised by it. "Hard," Dragic said. "But at the same time, I know that's true. A lot of people (former teammates, coaches and executives), they text me why they came like that out. That's their opinion. I cannot do nothing else. Everybody has their own opinion and it's, how you say, a free country. Everybody can speak freely."

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BBall Breakdown praises the Suns' front office


...despite trading away two quality players, Phoenix balanced their team with a view to keeping the chase alive, while also gaining better long term assets.

Suns front office supposedly quibbles over resources


The Suns employ an unorthodox front office in which the business and basketball sides of the organization share analytics resources, as overseen by Zaheer Benjamin, VP for business planning and basketball analytics. According to sources, that structure has led to tension and miscommunication between the two groups.

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Alex Len talks about war in Ukraine


"I'm Ukrainian and I won't go against Russia, too. I'm right in the middle," Len said. "I just want peace for everybody. I just don't want people to die."

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