Devin Booker Profile on ESPN


Devin Booker gets profiled on ESPN's "Cover Story" by Mike Wilbon

Pretty cool mix tape of Devin Booker


Found this while surfing Youtube. This is probably the highest quality Devin Booker mix tape I have seen.

Sonny Weems Rips Down Rim


That is not a figure of speech

Tony Buckets' buckets


Bit of a shameless plug, I know, but this is TJ Warren and I know y'all love TJ Warren. The video is a bit choppy but this is my first go at YouTube so it can only get better! I aim to put out mostly Suns-oriented content so subscribe, stay tuned and spread the word! Your support and feedback will be much appreciated! Now sit back, and enjoy Tony Buckets.

Charles Barkley fashion statement


The 90s were... interesting. And Charles Barkley has an outfit that may now be burned into your retinas for all time...

Former Sun Josh Childress on Leaving the NBA


In another sit down with Grit media, former Phoenix Sun Josh Childress talks about how, after one game in particular he chose to walk away from the NBA.

Westbrook got away with one here


What sealed it for me was the left arm straight into the back of Morris while he had zero chance at making a play on the ball. Horrible call.

BB three from the deep


If you can make that kind of shots, next round in Euroleague is imminent.

Suns Highlights: PHX vs DAL 22.03.2015


I've been home sick all weekend so I edited together most of what I thought would be considered Phoenix highlights from the game on the 21st and 22nd of March. Please have in mind that I did this on my pretty crappy laptop so it's not perfect! My ambition is to do a couple more of these once my stationary computer is up and running this week, since I saw some users asking about team highlights like these. BSotS admins, let me know if I'm doing something illegal that might hurt you guys...

Archie Goodwin and Markieff Morris stab Mavs in the heart


Defensive stops are nice but who doesn't love clutch shots to win games? We are you entertained.