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Flashback Friday

Looking back at stories that have occurred in the history of the Phoenix Suns.

Flashback Friday: The Suns All-Time Thieves Hall of Fame

While we’re eagerly anticipating the start of the 2023-24 season, here’s a look back at the Suns greatest ball thieves.

Phoenix Suns Flashback Friday: The Legend of Curtis Perry

He’s one the greatest Suns rebounders that no one talks about.

Phoenix Suns Flashback Friday: 30 for 30

Okay, it’s really only 10 for 30, as that is the number of players who have worn the jersey number in the Suns’ history.

Phoenix Suns Flashback Friday: 20/20 Vision

We’re breaking down all of the Suns who have worn number 20. And then, of course, a game.

Phoenix Suns Flashback Friday: The History of 10

24 players have worn the number in Suns’ history. And it’s been a smorgasbord of sub-par performances.

Phoenix Suns Flashback Friday: The Brandon Knight Chronicles and where he is today

The seemingly highly talented combo guard flamed out in Phoenix, but has found success in Puerto Rico.

Phoenix Suns Flashback Friday: Unusual Suspects — A Suns history lesson

Sometimes in the NBA points come from very unexpected sources.

Phoenix Suns Flashback Friday: A unique Shawn Marion story

Slow news day? Let me tell you a story...

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