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Photo Gallery: Phoenix Suns Scrimmage

All Star Weekend in Pictures

Pics from Suns scrimmage

Here's a few pictures from the scrimmage

Photos from Media Day

Here's an assortment of photos from Media Day 2013-14, thanks to Bright Side of the Sun.

Suns New Unis on Display (more!)

Your new look Suns have a sharper image with an eye toward cleanliness and simplicity. Purple still reigns, along with white and sleeved orange.

Suns Will Reveal New Uniforms on August 15th

The wait is almost over. The Phoenix Suns have announced that the team's new uniforms will be revealed during a fashion show on August 15th.

Gallery: Suns Release Teasers for 2013-14 Jerseys

The Suns have released several teasers for their new jersey schemes through various social media outlets. Let's take a look at all the "sneak peeks" the team has so generously offered to its fans.

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