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Phoenix Suns Season Preview: Training Camp Style

Identifying the big changes this season for the Phoenix Suns, and answering some pressing questions about their potential

Playoffs? Playoffs! That’s the Phoenix Suns goal

Coming off a 23-win season and rebuild-oriented roster shakeup, the Phoenix Suns players are nonetheless gearing up for a playoff run.

Behind the scenes of Suns Media Day

Check out some of my observations on Media Day for the Phoenix Suns today.

Four points or less: Updates on T-Dot, Supercool, Plumbledore and more

Former four-points-or-less Phoenix Suns players make the news this offseason.

Phoenix Suns Jared Dudley in his own words, on being a stretch four

Dudley talks to Bright Side about how he has been successful at power forward despite only being 6’7” and a poor rebounder.

Sign up quick! Jared Dudley and other Suns host teen shooting clinic next weekend

Registrations cap off at 100 attendees aged 13-17 years old for Dudley’s shooting clinic on September 24-25

Dudley says healthy Suns can have a winning record this season

Phoenix Suns forward Jared Dudley predicts a winning season for the young Suns.

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NBA 2K17 Suns player ratings review

How Tucker’s absence impacts the Suns roster

A long look into the impact of P.J. Tucker’s two-month absence on the young Phoenix Suns roster.

Suns’ T.J. Warren on road to recovery

The Phoenix Suns look forward to the return of T.J. Warren to the lineup.

Drake wears Suns Booker jersey during concert

Wish Phoenix Suns’ forward T.J. Warren a Happy 23rd Birthday!

Alan Williams’ dream job with Suns gets guaranteed a bit longer

By guaranteeing center Alan Williams’ contract for the 2016-17 season, the Phoenix Suns allow the home town hero a chance to continue realizing his dream of playing for the Suns.

Phoenix Suns NBA 2K ratings leaked: Bledsoe, Knight, Booker and more

The ratings of half the Suns teams are leaked three weeks before NBA 2K17 is released.

Remember when the Phoenix Suns future was supposed to be Marshall and Felton?

Four years after being drafted 12th overall, former Suns player Kendall Marshall is looking for his seventh NBA stop.

Phoenix Suns notes: Camp, Scrimmage, Win Predictions

As players and coaches take a few weeks to breathe, we set the stage for the new NBA season with notes on training camp, free open scrimmage, reporting dates and pundits’ win predictions for the Phoenix Suns.

Is AAU culture ruining basketball? Suns coach Earl Watson would argue the opposite

While many big-named coaches and players lament how the AAU mentality is impeding today’s athletes, Phoenix Suns coach Earl Watson offers a strong counter argument.

With Askia Booker, the Phoenix Suns test bad luck on twin surnames once again

The Phoenix Suns just love having multiple players running around in jerseys with the same last name, from the Morrii to the Dragii and now to the Bookii.

LeBron James says Suns’ Devin Booker will be an All-Star

On a podcast this week, four-time league MVP LeBron James suggested that Suns teenager Devin Booker will be a “really, really, really good All-Star in the league.”

Suns schedule turns from road-heavy to incredibly daunting real quick

The Phoenix Suns, set to become one of the youngest teams in the league, will have the league’s toughest second half schedule.

Suns Watson on Price: “Ronnie knows when he’s ready to coach he has a spot here”

Suns coach Earl Watson sees a lot of himself in Ronnie Price, and is willing to give him a coaching job when Price is ready to retire.

Suns coach Watson discusses the opportunities facing rookies Chriss and Bender

Leandro Barbosa leads Brazil against Lithuania today

Phoenix Suns gain one, lose one in 2016 NBPA Player Awards

The NBA Players have voted for the 2015-16 Player Awards, and the Suns actually showed up somewhere.

Mystery team revealed: Ronnie Price leaving Suns for OKC Thunder

Ronnie Price told the Suns more than two weeks ago he was leaving for another team on a two year deal. Today, Eric Pincus tweeted it is the OKC Thunder.

When will the Suns have another Team USA player?

The Suns have not had a Team USA player since Stoudemire and Marion. Will Devin Booker rise to that level by 2020?

Stoudemire retires a Knick but will always be a Sun

Stoudemire, Steve Nash, and Shawn Marion helped reinvent basketball in the desert.

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Ukraine ousted from hosting Eurobasket in 2015

Beasley drives fast, packs heat, avoids arrest

Phoenix Suns talented forward Michael Beasley might just have his height to thank for not being arrested on the morning of January 25th at about 1:10am on Scottsdale Road.

Suns interested in Josh Smith?

The source here isn't exactly "top tier" of rumor sources, but it's also not all that far-fetched to read that the Phoenix Suns are interested in Josh Smith.

Suns Blast Bobcats with season-high scoring. BOOM

Only 26 games into the young season, the Phoenix Suns have already done what last year's team only did once: win four straight games. Home cooking tastes so good!

Suns go dark

There's been a lot of talk about the Suns adding in a black-themed uniform to match their new orange and black (no purple) court. We are going to get a taste of that this season via the retro look for 10 games.

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