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Phoenix Mercury Keep DeWanna Bonner In House, Setup For "Super Team"

Passing of the torch is only possible if there is a torch bearer and someone capable of grabbing that torch to run with. This week the Mercury signed their future torch bearer and secured a bright, potentially very successful future.


The flirtation with the concept of a "Super Team" has consumed sports over the years, dating back to the New York Yankees (forever), to the mid-2000's Los Angeles Lakers, and to the present day NBA. Some have tried and failed while others have succeeded, but the process is fascinating, which is what makes the 2013 Phoenix Mercury a must watch for basketball fans in general.

In large-part that is due to the re-signing of forward DeWanna Bonner creating, for the Mercury, an in house super team with tremendous potential.

"We are thrilled to re-sign DeWanna and keep our core group intact for the next several years," said Mercury President and Chief Operating Officer Amber Cox. "We expect DB to be a cornerstone of this franchise for years to come."

Per team policy the terms of the deal were not disclosed other than the "multi-year deal" part which ensures that Bonner will join Candice Dupree, Samantha Prahalis, Penny Taylor, and of course All-World star Diana Taurasi. That onslaught alone is a championship worthy team or at the very least in the conversation. Taurasi, Taylor, and Dupree have all played at an all-star level throughout their careers, after last season they have added a fourth star to that group with a potential fifth star on the way.

The addition of the No. 1 Overall pick (likely between Brittney Griner, Elle Della Donne, or Skylar Diggins) and this is a ceiling-less team.

Make no mistake; Bonner became a star last year.


She was asked to carry the load and did that and more. Last season was a season of tough losses through injuries, but was more about the ascension of Bonner as she eclipsed her career-highs in points (20.6), rebounds (7.2), assists (2.2), steals (1.7), free-throws (5.75-6.75 per game), three-point shooting (52 made), and total field goals (212 made) showing her full and diverse overall game.

Offensively the workload will not be solely on the shoulders of Bonner next year as it was this past season. The most important fact is that she is capable of carrying the load for the entire season.

The offensive balance pacing the ball with the four potent scorers will be a gift and a curse for Head Coach Corey Gaines as he will have to sell the team concept to his stars while translating it to the court.

With this group that should not be a problem.

Taurasi is the most selfless star in the game while Taylor is used to being a second option, Dupree has done the dirty work, and Bonner is comfortable with her previous role as the super sub off of the bench.

Unlike other "Super Teams" this team has collectively played together in the past, but has evolved with Bonner and will continue that evolution with the addition of the No. 1 pick in this year's draft.


This team can be as good as its collective parts acceptance their slightly reduced roles to make the team a better overall team.

Bonner is the x-factor and the key to how great this team can be. An accepted role coming off the bench as the torch is passed to her as the new face of the team could result in championships as the veterans' transition out. Championships.

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