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2008 SBN Mock Draft vs. the Actual Draft

Pick # Team SBN Mock Draft Actual Draft Comment
1 Bulls Rose Rose Duh…
2 Heat Beasley Beasley Ditto…
3 Timberwolves Mayo Mayo (traded to Grizz) I would say OJ Mayo deserved to be picked 3rd
4 Supersonics Gordon Westbrook both picks in retrospect were very good
5 Grizzlies Love Love (traded to Wolves) wash
6 Knicks Westbrook Gallinari the Knicks really blew this one considering who was left on the board
7 Clippers Bayless Gordon I have no problem with either choice
8 Bucks Randolph Alexander mock wins
9 Bobcats Alexander Augustin Bobcats win
10 Nets B. Lopez B. Lopez wash
11 Pacers Augustin Bayless (traded to Blzrs) wash
12 Kings Speights Thompson the Kings nailed this one
13 Trailblazers Rush Rush (traded to Blzrs) both picks could have been better
14 Warriors Jordan Randolf good thing the Warriors don't read blogs
15 Suns Gallinari R. Lopez wash
16 76ers Arthur Speights this one is a toss up - need more time to know
17 Raptors Roberts Hibbert (traded to Pacers) hard to really say given the trade but CDR would look good in Toronto right now
18 Wizards Hibberts McGee Wiz win
19 Cavaliers Lee Hickson Lee was the big sleeper and the Mocks picked him before the actual
20 Nuggets Chalmers Ajinca Another big win for the mock
21 Nets Green Anderson Anderson looks like the better choice but Donte might turn out ok
22 Magic Koufos Lee From this point on it is hard to really say since picks were based on who was left on the board
23 Jazz Thompson Koufos JT clearly was a guy that the mocks didn't appreciate enough
24 Supersonics R. Lopez Ibaka Hard to fault the mocks for not picking Robin sooner
25 Rockets Batum Batum (traded to Blzrs) Alexander when in the top 10. Batum 25. Go figure
26 Spurs McGee Hill Hill turned out pretty good here
27 Hornets Anderson Arthur (traded to Grizz) wash
28 Grizzlies Walker Green wash
29 Pistons Hardin White wash
30 Celtics White Giddens wash