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Phoenix Suns Rumor Tracker Page

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Wrap up of the Deadline: 02/18/10

  • 11th Hour Rockets Offer? - ESPN
    The deadline indeed passed at 3 p.m. Thursday afternoon with Stoudemire still in Phoenix, but only after the Suns and Houston Rockets engaged in 11th-hour discussions, according to sources close to the situation. The proposed deal, sources with knowledge of the talks confirmed, had Phoenix receiving veterans Shane Battier and Luis Scola, multiple draft picks and the expiring contract of Brian Cook for Stoudemire.
  • blogs - Coro's Suns dish - PaulCoro - Late night with Amar'e
    Stoudemire still had not heard a peep from management at the time. But before heading for the team bus after Wednesday night's loss at Dallas, Stoudemire was pulled into a coaches' office by Suns Managing Partner Robert Sarver for a brief closed-door meeting, a talk that was believed to be held to tell him that he likely will remain a Sun once the 1 p.m. trade deadline passes today.
  • Stoudemire Will Stay in Phoenix -- NBA FanHouse
    DALLAS -- Phoenix star forward Amar'e Stoudemire confirmed to FanHouse on Wednesday night he won't be traded by Thursday's deadline.'I think I'm prett
  • Amar'e Stoudemire trade now unlikely
    In reality, the chances of Stoudemire being traded went from strong to doubtful Wednesday, when Cleveland pulled power forward J.J. Hickson out of a potential deal with the Suns. Despite talk of Hickson being a Stoudemire replacement, the Suns had other plans with a move in the works to send Cleveland center Zydrunas Ilgauskas to Utah in a three-way deal that might have given the Suns a star power forward in Carlos Boozer.
  • Now what for Amare? - TrueHoop Blog - ESPN
    That leaves the Miami Heat as the only known suitor for Amare. One source close to the process disputed what a Suns source told me earlier today about Miami's reluctance to give up draft picks for Amare. The Heat own the Raptors' and their own first-round draft picks this year. "The Heat have offered a pick," the source said. "I think this comes down to, will they offer their second first-rounder, as well?"
  • Twitter / John Gambadoro: Michael Beasley is not bei ...
    Michael Beasley is not being offered by the Miami Heat to the Phoenix Suns...So it looks very much like Amare Stoudemire will stay in Phx
  • Twitter / John Gambadoro: Cleveland in the end did n ...
    Cleveland in the end did not want to part with JJ Hickson and that is why there is no deal between the Cavs and the Suns
  • Sources: Cavaliers agree to 3-way trade with Wizards and Clippers; receive forward Antawn Jamison and guard Sebastian Telfair | Cleveland Cavaliers -
    The Cavs made the move after they were unable to complete a trade with the Phoenix Suns for Amare Stoudemire. After nearly a week of talks the Cavs pushed for an answer Wednesday afternoon. Either they were told no or told to wait by Phoenix, who was hoping for better deals to mature.

Final Deadline Days Rumors from All the Greats: 02/17/10

  • Cavs talks with Wizards intensify - NBA - Yahoo! Sports
    Washington is still trying to squeeze possibly another pick or young player out of the Cavs, but sources say it’s possible a deal could get done without J.J. Hickson(notes). As it stands, both sides believe they have the framework of a workable deal.
  • Trade buzz: Amar'e done with Suns? - NBA - Yahoo! Sports
    Amar’e Stoudemire(notes) and the Phoenix Suns are no longer discussing a contract extension, and the All-Star forward was privately telling friends that he believes he’s playing his last game in a Suns uniform on Wednesday night in Dallas, sources said. Meanwhile, the Miami Heat are still working to put together a package for Stoudemire, although a source familiar with Pat Riley’s most recent offer says it doesn’t include Michael Beasley(notes). Miami failed in its attempt to enlist the Charlotte Bobcats as a partner to take on Udonis Haslem(notes) in a three-team trade. The Heat could be willing to take on Jason Richardson’s(notes) contract, which has one year worth $14.4 million left after this season, for the chance to land Stoudemire to play alongside Dwyane Wade(notes).
  • Suns' Amar'e Stoudemire: It's great to be wanted
    But in that same room, there also was a feeling that Stoudemire might not play for the Suns Wednesday night at Dallas. That was before a Yahoo! report said Cleveland's talks about acquiring Washington's Antawn Jamison, instead of Stoudemire, had intensified. Reportedly, Cleveland's LeBron James favors Stoudemire. The most-likely Suns trade scenario remains a deal with Cleveland for power forward J.J. Hickson, center Zydrunas Ilgauskas, swingman Danny Green and a first-round draft pick. Ilgauskas could be bought out to get the Suns under the luxury-tax threshold or traded again. Miami is the next-strongest suitor, but a third team would have to get involved because the Suns are not interested in the Heat's offers, even ones that include Michael Beasley or Jermaine O'Neal's massive expiring contract.
  • Wizards Insider - Latest Wizards trade rumblings
    But it seems apparent that nothing will go down until the Phoenix Suns decide what they are going to do with Amare Stoudemire. Based on my conversations, I am under the impression that the Cavaliers would prefer to acquire Stoudemire, a 26-year-old all-star stud who is also being pursued by the Miami Heat.
  • Wait and see: Stoudemire remains Cleveland Cavaliers' top target, but Jamison still a strong option | Cleveland Cavaliers -
    The Cavs' deal, in conjunction with a potential money-saving buyout of Ilgauskas' contract, could put the Suns under the luxury tax. That is a move that could save Phoenix is excess of $10 million this season. Miami's offers likely would not get the Suns under the tax but could include more draft picks -- the Heat own two first-rounders this year. There are signs that Miami is trying to find a way to also trade for Suns' guard Jason Richardson, who will make $14.4 million next season, as part of the deal. If the Heat can do that, and therefore give the Suns the sort of cash savings the Cavs currently are offering, there's a good chance Phoenix may select Miami's offer. blogs - Coro's Suns dish - PaulCoro - Latest Amar'e trade talk 02/16/10

  • The latest with his trade possibility is that the Cleveland deal we have been talking about in recent weeks is still very much at the forefront. This is a known option: Stoudemire to Cleveland for forward J.J. Hickson, center Zydrunas Ilgauskas, swingman Danny Green and Cleveland's first-round pick (assumably No. 30).
  • Cleveland has other options. Phoenix has other options. And so we wait, probably until Thursday unless some offer comes along that overhwhelms one or the other. Cleveland's negotiations with Phoenix and Miami's hot pursuit of Stoudemire has stirred others to make moves on Stoudemire as well.
  • Now that there is more interest, the Suns will likely use the next two days to evaluate all of their options with Stoudemire.
  • Other than Cleveland, Miami's fervor for Stoudemire makes the Heat the next most likely destination even though Miami does not really have anything that interests Phoenix. The Suns are not big on Michael Beasley, Jermaine O'Neal's massive expiring contract ($23 million, requiring more than Stoudemire to be outgoing) or anything on Miami's roster that does not go by the name of Dwyane Wade. That does not mean Miami is out of the picture, though. The onus is now on the Heat to find a third party that can make a deal more attractive for the Suns, who would take one of Miami's first-round picks. The talk of Corey Maggette-for-Zydrunas Ilgauskas also could very well be a third-party situation.

Twitter / Adrian Wojnarowski: Source also disputes notio ...02/15/10

  • Source also disputes notion that Stoudemire has any issues with Shaq. So far, Cavs and Stoudemire's reps have had no contact, no dialogue.

Twitter / Adrian Wojnarowski: Source close to Stoudemire ...02/15/10

  • Source close to Stoudemire says he's completely open to Cleveland, loves idea of playing with LBJ and has never indicated otherwise to Cavs.

Source: Stoudemire doesn't want to play in Cleveland - The News-Herald Sports for Northern Ohio: 02/15/10

  • But the 6-foot-10, 249-pound Stoudemire has little desire of joining LeBron James and Shaquille O'Neal on the Cavs, even if it meant bringing home an NBA championship. One thing that could change Stoudemire's thought process, the source said, would be if the Cavs offered a contract extension. Stoudemire is supposedly seeking a three-year, $60 million extension.

Cavs remain leaders to land Stoudemire - NBA - Yahoo! Sports: 02/15/10

  • The Suns have had serious discussions on a trade that would send Stoudemire to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Zydrunas Ilgauskas(notes) and J.J. Hickson(notes), but sources say neither side has yet to commit that it will make the trade should the other give the nod. Nevertheless, the Cavs are the clear frontrunner over Philadelphia and Miami for the simple reason that Cleveland has an acceptable deal on the table for the Suns.

Cavs zeroing in on Amare- 02/12/10

Heat want Amare and are willing to deal anything - Yahoo! Sports: 02/10/10

  • Heat continue to pursue Stoudemire - NBA - Yahoo! Sports
    Miami Heat president Pat Riley has emerged as one of the most determined pursuers of Phoenix Suns forward Amar’e Stoudemire(notes), proposing several different packages that make available any of his players short of Dwyane Wade(notes), league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Suns talking to Cleveland and Philadelphia - Paul Coro: 02/08/10

Suns VP David Griffin scouting Iguodala in person - ESPN: 02/07/10

  • Suns take up-close look at Iguodala - TrueHoop Blog - ESPN
    We know that because the Suns quietly dispatched one of their lead decision-makers – senior vice president of basketball operations David Griffin – to New Orleans on Friday night to watch the Sixers play the Hornets in person.

Sixers aren't interesting in Amare as Expring Contract. Want him to stay - 02/06/10

Amare has faith in the player union. Suns only getting "trash" offers for Amare - Yahoo!: 02/03/10

  • Stoudemire says he might play out contract - NBA - Yahoo! Sports
    The current collective bargaining agreement is set to end after the 2010-11 season, but Stoudemire doesn’t seem concerned about a possible lockout or how the new CBA might impact his future earnings. “I’m not sure how the CBA’s going to turn out,” Stoudemire said. “But I got confidence in the Players Association. They are going to make sure they handle that.
  • One NBA source said the Suns, so far, have received only “trash” offers for Stoudemire, though there are several teams who have expressed interest in him. The Miami Heat recently scouted two of the Suns’ games, even though the teams won’t play each other again this season.

Amare talks about staying in Phoenix - NBA FanHous: 02/03/10

  • Amar'e Stoudemire Leaning Toward Not Opting Out of Contract -- NBA FanHouse "I can opt out this summer or I can opt in, which means I'll be back another year (for $17.69 million)," said Stoudemire, speaking after the morning shootaround in preparation for Wednesday night's game against Denver. "That's definitely an option. I'm leaning more toward that right now. Maybe opting in. ... (That would be to) buy time. See how we do. ... I think we got our game back on track. A three-game winning streak."

Wiz and 76ers interested in Amare's expiring contract? - KTAR: 02/02/10

  • - Suns Spotted Around The League Gambo is reporting the Suns continue to have conversations with Washington regarding a possible deal involving Amare Stoudemire. Key pieces that could be possibilities to wind up in Phoenix are Caron Butler and Randy Foye. Antwan Jamison is too old for the Suns liking and was bothered by a sore left knee on Monday. The team mentioned last week and again brought up today is the Philadelphia 76ers. The 76ers could package a few of their players - Samuel Dalembert and Andre Iguodala - as they both take up a good amount of Philly's salary cap. Dalembert has $12.2M remaining on his contract.

What a deal with Cleveland might look like w/ nice salary details - 01/25/10

Suns and Philly talking about Amare for Iguodala - Sports 620 KTAR: 01/28/10

  • - Suns Spotted Around The League
    The Suns have had discussions with the Philadelphia 76ers - particularly interested in Andre Iguodala. The shooting guard is averaging 17.5 points per game this season and has three years left on his current contract. The deal with Houston would be difficult if they hold on to Carl Landry and don't want to give him up.

Miami's Jermaine O'Neal for Amare but no Beasley? - Miami Herald: 01/28/10

Interesting updates from an unnamed but historically reliable source: Real GM: 01/28/10

  • RealGM • View topic - All Amare Trade Talk Here
    GSW are talking again. Chi finally talked with us. NJ is still in talks but getting less likely. MIA won't part with Beasley so nothing there going. They are dangling JO. Oh, I should add GSW wants us taking Maggette's contract, +

Nine teams exploring Amare trades - AZ Republic: 01/28/10

  • Suns' Amar'e Stoudemire playing his way out of town?
    At least nine teams are exploring a trade for Stoudemire. The Suns met with Stoudemire's agent a week ago but have not made him an extension offer and won't approach his desire for a five-year, maximum-salary deal.

Knicks not interested in Amare - NY Daily News: 01/27/10

  • New York Knicks won't try to trade for Phoenix Suns' star Amare Stoudemire
    Across the Hudson, the Nets are trying to work a deal for Stoudemire because they're resigned to the fact that they're not going to be able to get James or Dwyane Wade this summer....They could sure use his scoring and athleticism up front, too. But there's always been a question as to whether a team should make Stoudemire its highest-paid player when he's not a complete player, a true No. 1 star, or a leader. In that sense, he's risky, as D'Antoni could tell Walsh from personal experience.

Heat consider Bosh a better defensive option than Amare - Miami Herald: 01/27/10

Nets talks with Suns "not serious" - North 01/27/10

Spurs considering Amare: Woj: 01/26/10

Heat intersted in Amare...but don't want him to stay past this year?: Sun-Sentinel: 01/26/10

Extension talks between Amare and Suns stall, trade likely; several other teams interested: via Woj, Yahoo! Sports: 01/25/10

Cleveland, Minnesota and Golden State might be interesting in Amare: via Paul Coro: 01/25/10

Amare linked to locker room tension: via Chad Ford: 01/21/10

Amare would consider the Nets (not so much rumor but still...): 01/21/10

  • SLAM ONLINE | » Amar’e Would Consider the Nets
    ‘There are some teams you may say, ‘no way,’ said the 6-foot-10 Stoudemire, who scored 27 points in the Suns’ 118-94 win that dropped the Nets to 3-38 at the season’s halfway point. ‘I don’t think the Nets are one of them.”‘

Suns interested in Jeff Foster. Not likely to trade Amare per Chad Ford: 01/14/10

Suns keeping an eye on Kevin Martin - might be interested in him: 01/13/10

  • Kings' Martin could return Friday - Sacramento Sports - Kings, 49ers, Raiders, High School Sports | Sacramento Bee
    Executives around the league will be watching closely, with many teams hoping to land Martin by the February trade deadline should the Kings make him available. League sources indicate Houston, Toronto, Cleveland, Phoenix and Dallas are among those keeping watch. The Kings, who are believed to be looking for a significant frontcourt addition, have given no indication they intend to move Martin. Petrie said he has no reason to believe the Evans-Martin combination won't work.

Miami Heat might go after Amare at the trade deadline: 01/13/10

Suns will release Taylor Griffin before his contract become guaranteed: 01/05/10

  • Source: Bright Side of the Sun sources. Unconfirmed

Suns Interested in Caron Butler: 12/18/09

Jarron Collins to Suns: 10/26/09 10:21 AM MST