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TNT Game Notes: Game 2

TNT's Frank Isola interviewed Phoenix Suns forward Grant Hill after the game

Hill on Trail Blazer guard Andre Miller: "I liked that we got the win. Andre is a great player and he had a great Game #1, but he was off tonight."

Hill on savoring the moments in his 23rd Playoff game: "It means a lot. Even after Game #1, you couldn't sleep - you were frustrated and depressed but even with that it is good to be going through the ups and downs. That is what basketball is all about, the NBA and Playoffs. When you win you are on top of the world, when you lose it is the worst thing in the world but at least I'm going through it. I'm appreciating experiencing it."

Barkley on Phoenix winning the series against Portland: "I still think Phoenix will win the series. I just think without Brandon Roy they can't beat the Suns consistently. They are not going to beat them four times. They play great defense and rebound the ball but the Phoenix Suns just have a better team plain and simple."

Smith on what the Trail Blazers need to do for the rest of the series: "I think one thing Portland has to concentrate on is opening the floor up a little more on the offensive end. They started getting closer and closer to the rim. They have the ability to beat people off the dribble and they didn't take advantage of that in Game #2 like they did in Game #1."