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Bright Side's own watdogg10 speaks

How do you think it's worked out so far?

That depends on how you define "worked out". The trade, also initially called "the Amare Stoudemire project" (or ASP) didn't bring a championship last year (or just as important, help us beat the Spurs in the playoffs), it ultimately drove D'Antoni out and the ASP has become the "revitalize Shaq's career and reputation project" (or RSCPP). There have been times where it seems Shaq's ego has gotten in the way of the team doing what's best for the team. That being said, I think if the Suns can continue to find the balance in the 7 seconds or Shaq offense, then they can make some noise in the playoffs and ultimately the RSCPP will be considered a success.

Knowing what you know now would you do the deal again (assuming you have that awesome power to make deals at all)?

No. People tend to forget that when the trade went down last year we were in first place. Yes it was a shaky first place and yes the Lakers were gifted Pau Gasol, but it was first place all the same. I love what Shaq has brought to the valley off the court and it's awesome seeing the games where he looks about 4 years younger, but I have made it no secret that Shawn Marion was probably my all-time favorite Sun. I thought that he brought so many intangibles to the Suns and he was the perfect wing player in D'Antoni's offense. I would have liked to see them give it one more shot with that core. However, I don't know all the details regarding the locker room rift between him and Amare. If I was there and saw that their relationship was absolutely irreparable and on the verge of tearing the locker room in two, then I reserve the right to change my answer to yes.

If you wouldn't have done this deal with Shaq, what would you have done with Marion (assuming again that anyone listens to you)?

Like I said, I would have let last season run its course - knowing that Marion would probably opt out, you know he would've played hard and tried to earn a big money contract with another team. Then, even if we lost early in the playoffs and Marion did opt out, we would have that money to get under the luxury tax threshold and go after some young talent at the same time. There was a lot of talent to be had this offseason with everyone trying to save for 2010. Again, I'm admittedly biased, but I was really rooting for the Suns to make one last push with our core that had come so close every year of the D'Antoni era.