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Into the Valley Podcast

The home of the Into the Valley podcast on the Bright Side Podcast Network!

Into the Valley: Kevin and Devin

Talking about how the Suns new power duo handled their first big test against the Dallas Mavericks, and how part of that "duo" immediately got injured.

Into the Valley: The beginning of a new era

Early returns on the Suns with Kevin Durant

Into the Valley: KEVIN DURANT

We finally traded Jae Crowder.

Into the Valley: Suns are rolling, and the NBA Trade Deadline

Will we finally trade Jae Crowder?

Into the Valley, with Dave King: Cam Johnson is pretty good at basketball

We’re joined by the Suns Podfather to talk about a few wins and Cam Johnson’s big return!

Into the Valley: Losing... and how to cope

How do we feel about the Suns recent losing streak?

Into the Valley: Phoenix Suns 2022 in Review!

Looking back at a great year in Phoenix Suns basketball and looking ahead to what 2023 may bring!

Into the Valley: Merry (Dionte) Christmas and Happy (Aaron) Holidays!

We try to recap the Suns’ December and look ahead to the new year!

Into the Valley: Great Expectations

Where do the Suns rank in relation to the rest of the NBA title hopefuls, and are we as fans setting proper expectations for the current team?

Into the Valley: A weird week of basketball

really, really weird

Into the Valley: He’s Finally DominAyton!

Suns take care of business following the Thanksgiving break!

Into the Valley: Happy Sunsgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, Suns fans!

Into the Valley: Making It Work

Injuries continue but the games don’t stop. We talk about how the Suns are making it work.

Into the Valley: Life Without Cam Johnson

With Crowder and Cam Johnson both out, what happens next?

Into the Valley: The Suns Stay Hot!

The Suns proved us wrong and went 3-0 for the week!

Into the Valley: Revenge and Disappointment

Suns get revenge over the Mavericks before falling short against Portland

Into the Valley: The Season is Here!

We did it. We made it through the Summer Suns, and we finally have REAL basketball!

Into the Valley: Eastern Conference Preview

What’s going on out East? And Jock Landale? Yeah, he’s good.

Into the Valley: The Suns Get Taken Down Under (And the State of the Guards)

Not overreacting to the Suns getting bushwhacked, and assessing the state of the Suns’ guards.

Into the Valley: The Crowder Mixtape and Media Day Madness

What do the Into the Valley guys think of the situation?

Into the Valley: The Robert Sarver Story

What do the Into the Valley guys think of the situation?

Into the Valley: Schedule Announcements!

Eventually basketball will be back...

Into the Valley: Deandre Ayton (And Other Things)

The Deandre Ayton episode.

Into the Valley: 2022 League Pass Rankings

When you’re not watching the Suns, who are you watching?

Into the Valley: Around the League (Trades, Signings, and Kevin Durant)

Keeping you up to date with all of the big changes (or lack of changes) this offseason!

Into the Valley: Is Devin Booker a Top-10 NBA Player? (Spoiler: We Don’t All Agree)

Ranking the best players in today’s NBA

Into the Valley: We Were Wrong

The Suns Lose Game 7.

Into the Valley: Deadlines and Drop Coverage

With the trade deadline approaching, how can the Phoenix Suns get MARGINALLY better?

Into The Valley: The Suns Stay Streaking!

New podcast on the Bright Side Network delves into all things Suns, week to week, each Monday


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