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Bright Side Podcast Network

Your home for a pair of great 'By the Fans, for the fans' podcasts -- Fanning the Flames and the Suns JAM Session Podcast -- delivered almost daily to give you the latest Suns news and storylines.

Into the Valley: We Were Wrong

The Suns Lose Game 7.

Into the Valley: We Have a Game 7

Turnovers. Turnovers. Turnovers.

Into the Valley: That’s More Like It! (Suns Take 3-2 Lead)

The Suns are heading to Dallas for a close out Game 6! Join us for everything Game 5!

Fanning the Flames - F*** the Refs, Suns in 6

The Phoenix Suns sit tied with the Dallas Mavericks at two games apiece.

Into the Valley: The Mavericks Ruined Mother’s Day (Series Tied at 2)

The Phoenix Suns drop Game 4 in Dallas, head back to Phoenix for Game 5.

Into the Valley: How to Waste a Jae Crowder Game (Suns Lose Game 3 in Dallas, PHX up 2-1)

The Phoenix Suns drop Game 3 to the Dallas Mavericks, 103 - 94

Into the Valley: The Luka Problem (Suns Take Over the 4th and Win Game 2)

The Suns took over the 4th and won handily, leaving Luka and the Mavs down 0-2 heading back to Dallas.

Fanning the Flames - Will Game 2 Be a Rinse and Repeat of Game 1?

Game 1 was what we expected, but what does Game 2 hold in store? We think much of the same.

Into the Valley: A Phoenix Suns Podcast - Death by a Thousand Cuts (Suns Take Game 1 Over Mavs)

The Suns are very good at basketball.

Fanning the Flames - Never A Doubt

The Phoenix Suns closed out the New Orleans Pelicans and Fanning the Flames (well, some of us) never had a doubt.

Into the Valley: 4 Down. 12 To Go.

Paul’s Perfection Propels Phoenix Past Pesky Pelicans (Suns Win in 6!)

Into the Valley: MIKAL BRIDGES. (Suns Win Game 5)

Mikal Bridges and the Suns win Game 5 and are heading back to New Orleans for Game 6!

Fanning the Flames with Aussie Suns Fans - We Good

The Podcast of Optimism is here to make you feel better.

Into the Valley: Suns Drop Game 2, Series Tied 1-1 (Post Game Podcast)

Booker’s hot night ends with an injury as Suns look ahead to Game 3 in New Orleans (Series tied 1-1)

Into the Valley: Suns Take Game 1! (Post Game Podcast)

Chris Paul and the Suns take Game 1, beating the Pelicans 110-99!

Fanning the Flames - NBA Playoff Preview with Nate Ruess

Predicting every matchup in the Western Conference Playoffs and our Finals picks.

Into the Valley: Dancing on the Lakers’ Grave (And Other Great Games)

Eliminating the Lakers, scaring the Clippers and destroying the Jazz. What a week!

Fanning the Flames - The Robert Horry Apology Episode

Robert Horry finally says, "I’m sorry, Steve Nash."

Fanning the Flames - Can Anyone Stop the Suns?

The Suns continue to roll. Can they be stopped? Will individual players get their due recognition?

Into the Valley: To MVP, Or Not To MVP?

Devin Booker for MVP? Let’s talk about that.

Into the Valley: The Suns: Still Very Good

It’s an episode full of positivity and optimism, as the Suns put together a fantastic week of complete basketball!

Into the Valley: The Lakers Ruined our Podcast

How do you do a post-game reaction podcast, when one team doesn’t even show up to the game?

Fanning the Flames - Cameron Payne: point guard of the future?

The guys talk about the last week of Suns basketball and whether Cameron Payne can be the PG of the future

Into the Valley: Mailbag, with David Nash/IV Point Play

David Nash (@theIVpointplay) joins us for a MASSIVE mail bag, covering contracts, playoff outlooks and more!

Fanning the Flames - Let’s all relax a bit

CP3 is out and the Suns have lost two in a row, but now is not the time to worry.

Into the Valley: A World Without Chris Paul

What do you do when you lose your All Star (And HOF) Point Guard? Monty and Point Book will have to figure it out!

Into the Valley: FANTASY DRAFT! (End of the Year Awards)

Recapping All Star Weekend and drafting our End of the Year Awards winners!

Into the Valley: Most Impressive Week of the Year?

The Suns fought against back to backs and two MVP candidates and still made it out alive!

Fanning the Flames - Another Masterclass

The guys discuss the Suns’ win against the 76ers and the team’s continued disrespect

Into the Valley: Deadlines and Drop Coverage

With the trade deadline approaching, how can the Phoenix Suns get MARGINALLY better?

Fanning the Flames - What’s Your Favorite Suns Era?

The guys discuss the continued success of the Suns, whether this is their favorite iteration of the team, and whether we are witnessing the greatest Suns era.

Fanning the Flames: Rolling Through Adversity

The guys discuss the adversity the Suns have been facing and whether any team in the West stands a chance.