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Bright Side Podcast Network

Your home for a pair of great 'By the Fans, for the fans' podcasts -- Fanning the Flames and the Suns JAM Session Podcast -- delivered almost daily to give you the latest Suns news and storylines.

Into the Valley: The Crowder Mixtape and Media Day Madness

What do the Into the Valley guys think of the situation?

Fanning the Flames - The Sarver Era Nears Its End

Donald Trump reacts to Robert Sarver? Why not? :)

Into the Valley: The Robert Sarver Story

What do the Into the Valley guys think of the situation?

Fanning the Flames - The Sarver Report

The OG pod talks all things Robert Sarver and Phoenix Suns

Into the Valley: Schedule Announcements!

Eventually basketball will be back...

Fanning the Flames -  Is It NBA Season Yet?

The guys discuss next year’s City Edition jerseys, the Phoenix Suns new signees, and Kevin Durant’s upcoming meeting with Nets ownership

Into the Valley: Deandre Ayton (And Other Things)

The Deandre Ayton episode.

Fanning the Flames - What a Weird, Wonderful Day

Deandre Ayton got an offer sheet from the Pacers and the Suns matched it in minutes. What does it mean? Good things.

Into the Valley: 2022 League Pass Rankings

When you’re not watching the Suns, who are you watching?

Fanning the Flames - Extensions, Offer Sheets, and Kevin Durant... Oh My

The guys talk Devin Booker’s importance to Phoenix as a city and the latest in Kevin Durant news

Into the Valley: Around the League (Trades, Signings, and Kevin Durant)

Keeping you up to date with all of the big changes (or lack of changes) this offseason!

Fanning the Flames - Kevin Durant... A PHOENIX SUN?!?!!?!?

Kevin Durant joining Devin Booker, Chris Paul, and company on the Phoenix Suns is looking more and more like a reality.

Into the Valley: Is Devin Booker a Top-10 NBA Player? (Spoiler: We Don’t All Agree)

Ranking the best players in today’s NBA

Fanning the Flames - Kevin Durant... a Phoenix Sun?

The OG pod talks about the possibilities of Kevin Durant getting himself traded to the Phoenix Suns

Into the Valley: Performance Reviews on Deandre Ayton and Jae Crowder

Performance Reviews on the bigs

Into the Valley: Performance Reviews on Mikal Bridges and Cam Johnson

Performance Reviews on the Twins!

Fanning the Flames - Toxicity in the Workplace

The OG pod talks all things Robert Sarver and Phoenix Suns

Into the Valley: Performance Reviews on Chris Paul and Devin Booker

Performance Reviews: Starting with our All-NBA Guards

Fanning the Flames - Does Ayton get too much blame?

The OG pod has the full panel to break down all the DA stuff floating around

Fanning the Flames - Get It Off Your Chest

One more group therapy session.

Fanning the Flames - Fanning the Aussie JAM Session Megapod

We hopped on a megapod with the guys from Suns JAM Session and Aussie Suns Fans Podcast to talk about our feelings.

Into the Valley: Phoenix Suns Year in Review

One final Highs, Lows and "Just So You Knows"

Into the Valley: We Were Wrong

The Suns Lose Game 7.

Into the Valley: We Have a Game 7

Turnovers. Turnovers. Turnovers.

Into the Valley: That’s More Like It! (Suns Take 3-2 Lead)

The Suns are heading to Dallas for a close out Game 6! Join us for everything Game 5!

Fanning the Flames - F*** the Refs, Suns in 6

The Phoenix Suns sit tied with the Dallas Mavericks at two games apiece.

Into the Valley: The Mavericks Ruined Mother’s Day (Series Tied at 2)

The Phoenix Suns drop Game 4 in Dallas, head back to Phoenix for Game 5.

Into the Valley: How to Waste a Jae Crowder Game (Suns Lose Game 3 in Dallas, PHX up 2-1)

The Phoenix Suns drop Game 3 to the Dallas Mavericks, 103 - 94

Into the Valley: The Luka Problem (Suns Take Over the 4th and Win Game 2)

The Suns took over the 4th and won handily, leaving Luka and the Mavs down 0-2 heading back to Dallas.

Fanning the Flames - Will Game 2 Be a Rinse and Repeat of Game 1?

Game 1 was what we expected, but what does Game 2 hold in store? We think much of the same.

Into the Valley: A Phoenix Suns Podcast - Death by a Thousand Cuts (Suns Take Game 1 Over Mavs)

The Suns are very good at basketball.

Fanning the Flames - Never A Doubt

The Phoenix Suns closed out the New Orleans Pelicans and Fanning the Flames (well, some of us) never had a doubt.