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Phoenix Suns Salary Cap Numbers

Suns 2020 off-season roster and salary cap breakdown

We break down all the contract details and next steps for the Phoenix Suns.

Suns can create up to $18 million in cap space; but could also go into summer “over the cap” (updated)

The Phoenix Suns have a ton of flexibility on their cap number thanks to several non-guaranteed contracts and cap holds.

Suns unlikely to go big in free agency

While the Suns very well could go all in next week in free agency, their current thinking is leaning toward a low-key approach like summer of 2013.

Salary cap primer as Suns target top free agents

Even as the Suns add multiple draft picks to a team with a handful of young players already in the fold, the front office still plans to go after the biggest name free agents once again. What was that old saying about insanity?

How the Suns compare to competitors in spending

Bonanza complete, what's next?

Update: Suns sign players, exceed cap

Pre-Draft Cap/Trade Primer: There's money to spend

The Bright Side attempt to explain in simple terms the Suns' salary cap situation entering a "big year" in free agency.

Gerald more likely than Draymond this summer

Salary cap update: Rebooted

TV Deal to triple, raising salary cap by 50%?

If the rumors are true, the Phoenix Suns are in good position as league revenues for TV broadcasts triple in the next two years.

Suns better off with the Morrii than Bledsoe

Assuming the Suns focus on keeping Goran Dragic next summer, they might be better off locking up the Morris brothers for about the same price they have offered Eric Bledsoe.

Salary Cap Update, August 3, 2014

The clean cap sheet, and what's next (a lot)

The Phoenix Suns have gotten deeper in talent but still have not added any top-end talent to a team in need of it to ascend solidly into the playoff picture in 2014-15.

Sarver hopes to spend big, "a lot more" than cap

In a radio interview with John Gambodoro of Arizona Sports just before the 2014 Draft, Suns managing partner Robert Sarver expressed an expectation that the Suns would spend big this summer in free agency.

Draft Day Checklist: Bledsoe, Frye and Cap Space

The new fiscal year clock does not roll over until next Tuesday, July 1. Until then, the Suns are still operating under the 2013-14 salary cap rules and player contracts.

Draft and Free Agency Primer!

The Suns are in great shape going forward, with a 48-34 team and a ton of picks and cap space to add to the fun. Let's review what's to come this summer.


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