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Stephen’s Study: In-Season Tournament Quarterfinal returns

The Suns were swiftly eliminated from the In-Season Tournament, at the hands of the Los Angeles Lakers, in a game that saw instances of the past creep up again.

Stephen’s Study: Game ‘to watch for’s,’ zooming in on Suns vs. Lakers tonight

Match-up’s, schemes, plus x’s and o’s ahead of tip-off in round one.

Suns Study: A notable third quarter run headlines a timely win vs Memphis

Uneven early returns saw the Suns break this one open, ultimately compiling a run the Grizzlies could never fully come back from.

Stephen’s Study: “Ice” broken in defensive scheme, optimizing Nurkic, and good Goodwin

The Suns return home, after a solid three-game road trip, but have things to focus on defensively, even amidst the bright spot developments.

Stephen’s Study: Quarter four in Memphis was a corner-turning moment for the Suns defensively

The Suns are putting it together as they solve the defensive end of the floor, as a collective, and find their footing particularly defending in fourth quarters.

Stephen’s Study: A crowning moment for Devin Booker amidst point guard discourse

A career-best playmaking night for Booker "reveals" who the Suns' point guard is.

Stephen’s Study: Suns shine, regather themselves in impressive win vs. Minnesota

Prolific pick-and-roll play, punctual pace, and defensive moments garner the Suns much-needed win.

Suns Study with Stephen: Woes Persist, in Closing

Phoenix’s breakdowns late versus the Lakers and Thunder are a result of a lapse in execution that has persisted, in efforts to "shut the door" on opponents. They’re far from "dooms day,’ but are in need of an identity.

Stephen’s Video Breakdown: Jordan Goodwin’s preseason film study

The Phoenix Suns have a gritty, defensive-minded gem to deploy underneath the offensive-minded top-end layers to run the show.

Stephen’s Video Breakdown: Suns standouts from Thursday's game against the Portland Trail Blazers

A dive into the film on the Suns turning a collective corner in their two-way process, against Portland.

Stephen’s Video Breakdown: Drives, free throws, and Grayson Allen

As we prepare for the game against the Nuggets, here are some things that caught my eye against Detroit.

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