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The Madhouse

This is the group for all Madhouse threads!

The Madhouse: Preparing for Suns basketball that actually matters

It’s been awhile since we’ve watched Phoenix Suns basketball of consequence

The Madhouse: NBA restart, Suns unis, NHL ‘94, NBA2K21 ratings

The NBA needs a plan.

Suns Madhouse: KD, Joe Budden, and answers to the ‘COVID championship question’

Joe Budden and Kevin Durant discussed bubble sex.

The Madhouse: On Cam, Book and Chuck

All-Rookie Teams, All-NBA Teams, and Charles Barkley tells a kid why NBA2K pisses him off.

The Madhouse: Do championships during the time of COVID mean less?

Or more?

The Madhouse: Week of 5/29 - Another Suns Swag 5-pack

Two weeks ago I enjoyed finding some Phoenix Suns crap on eBay. I found more Phoenix Suns crap. Crap is probably the wrong word. Here’s some Phoenix Suns stuff you probably don’t need.

The Madhouse: Week of 5/15 - Suns Swag 10-pack

Unsure of what to do with that stimulus check? Probably not. But you could do a lot worse than this Phoenix Suns crap on eBay.

The Madhouse: Week of 5/1 - Thoughts on ‘The Last Dance’

Dennis Rodman is my hero.

The Madhouse: Week of 4/17 - Quarantining with Wu-Tang affiliates, twin-stick shooters

This is an NBA blog.

The Madhouse: Joe Fulks, Tiger King, Animal Crossing, NBA postseason

Shut down the NBA season and make the Netflix docs even weirder.

The Madhouse: Week of 3/27 - George McCloud, unemployment, other non-basketball things

The Madhouse is getting weird. You want to talk about some things? Lets talk about some things.

The Madhouse: Week of 3/20 - Coronavirus won’t win

Can’t. Won’t.

The Madhouse: Week of 3/13 - F*** you, coronavirus

No sports. There are no sports. What do I do?

The Madhouse: Week of 2/21 - Suns face puissant challenge to kick off second half

Puissant. Very, very tough, even.

The Madhouse: Week of 2/15 - NBA All-Star Saturday Night gets an A+

Stars and other guys I’ve never heard of put on a good show.

The Madhouse: Week of 2/7/20 - No winning, no trading

But Kelly Oubre Jr. bobbleheads for the first 5000 in attendance.

The Madhouse: Week of 1/31: The new All-Star Game format will not include Devin Booker

The NBA got it wrong.

The Madhouse: Suns winning, losing, and losing big

The Suns have something for everyone.

The Madhouse - Week of 1/17/20: The Suns don’t get beat by 30+ nearly as often

The Phoenix Suns are fun to watch on television.

The Madhouse - Week of 1/10/20: Suns entering ‘must win’ territory

‘Must win." I said it. Don’t argue with me.

The Madhouse - Week of 1/3/2020: Happy New Year, the Suns suck again

But that’s ok, because there are a great many sucky teams in the NBA’s Western Conference.

The Madhouse: Week of 12/20/19 - Losing, Suns/Thunder, Impeachment

Suns been losing.

Suns Madhouse: Week of 12/6/19 - Winning without Baynes, winning with Baynes, new music, gift-giving

Aron Baynes will return. Deandre Ayton will return. The Suns will return to winning more than not.

Suns Madhouse: Week of 11/22/19 - Lamenting Losses, PS4, and HOAs

Lots of Suns stuff and lots of very much not Suns stuff.

Suns Madhouse: Week of 11/15/19 - Phoenix. Keeps. Winning.

I’m going to tell you where the Phoenix Suns rank in the West. It’s a good number.

Suns Madhouse - Week of 11/8/19 - Picking more winners

Your Phoenix Suns continue to shock the NBA world.

Suns Madhouse - Week of 11/2/19

I was right. Go Suns.

Suns Madhouse - Week of 10/26/19

Your Phoenix Suns are going to the NBA Playoffs

The Madhouse - Week of 10/18/19

Preseason hoops, Ayton, Kaminsky, Oubre, China

The Madhouse - Week of 10/11/19

Preseason Suns basketball, Five Thirty Eight’s ‘RAPTOR,’ Dubs, Kerr, Pop, Trump, communication

The Madhouse - Week of 10/4/19

5 season predictions for the Suns, Booker, Ayton, NBA news, Ad Astra, fan etiquette.

The Madhouse - Week of 9/27

Cam Johnson, SI thinks the Suns should tank, fun and winning, tampering.


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