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Solar Panel Podcast

We're like a sports bar filled with Phoenix Suns fans. You just have to bring your own beer. Hosts Greg Esposito, Dave King and Saul Bookman take you on a weekly journey into the sometimes fun, sometimes painful and yet always entertaining world of Phoenix basketball. Subscribe where ever you get your podcasts, or listen right HERE.

Solar Panel: TRAINING CAMP PREVIEW with Gerald Bourguet

Solar Panel: Could Sarver really be OUT?? What’s next for the Suns

We break down all the angles on the Sarver situation

Solar Panel: Impact of Mitchell trade on Suns + HUGE Listener Mailbag!

Solar Panel: Suns can set tone early + changes among West contenders

What’s the most important leap needed from current Suns stars, to get that championship

Solar Panel: If not Durant, then... LeBron?

Latest pod — could the Suns pivot to another aging legend?

Solar Panel: Run it back??!? Suns biggest guarantees, worries if they just run it back

Can the Suns just run it back after what happened in Game 7?

Solar Panel: Insider Travonne Edwards on NBA landscape, Durant, Ayton, other trade rumors

Now, is there any realistic way the Suns can still get Kevin Durant?

Solar Panel: What the heck just happened with Ayton? Are all Durant trades dead?

Now, is there any realistic way the Suns can still get Kevin Durant?

Solar Panel: Latest on Ayton/Pacers and... Jalen Smith? Plus, more on KD and superstars running the league

Who knew there would be so many connections from Indiana Pacers to the Phoenix Suns?

Solar Panel: Scotto with latest on Ayton suitors, draft and other free agents

Michael Scotto of Hoopshype joins the show to discuss all the latest rumblings around Deandre Ayton

Solar Panel: Ayton trade scenarios and latest rumors

Plus, could Andrew Wiggins’ resurgence be a cautionary tale for the Suns with Deandre Ayton?

Solar Panel: Keith Smith on Ayton trade possibilities — what works, what doesn’t

No one is getting it right on Ayton trade rumors — there’s only certain places he can go

Solar Panel: Mikal’s embarrassment and Book’s money

We discuss Mikal Bridges embarrassment over Game 7, and Booker/Cam decisions looming for Suns.

Solar Panel: Ch-ch-ch-Changes! Who stays, who goes with Phoenix Suns?

The panel discusses rates the chances of every player staying/going on roster, why, when and for whom

Solar Panel: Suns Offseason Primer - what’s next? Ayton gone?

The panel discusses Suns rumors, discord, discontent and discombobulation ahead of free agency

Solar Panel: Previewing Game 7 of Suns-Mavericks - adjustments, changes needed for Suns win

Dave, Zona and MavsDraft talk adjustments, takeaways and predictions for Game 7!

Solar Panel: Is this a series now? With Tim Cato/The Athletic

Takeaways from Suns-Mavericks after three games, and the other active playoff series

Solar Panel: Suns vs. Mavericks Series Preview, with Flex and Kirk Henderson/Mavs Moneyball

Takeaways from Suns/Pelicans and Mavs/Jazz, previewing matchups and T/F on Suns/Mavericks

Solar Panel: Suns-Pelicans reax and prep for Game 6, with Pels media Mason Ginsberg

Pelicans podcaster Mason Ginsberg joins to share takeaways and predictions for Game 6 of Suns-Pelicans

Solar Panel: FLEX BOMB on Booker’s hammy, Suns-Pels Game 3 Reax, predictions and more!

Flex gives us timeline to Booker’s health, we dissect the Suns-Pelicans series, and go around the league

Solar Panel: Booker-less Suns-Pelicans adjustments, with Mason Ginsberg

Dave, Zona and Mason discuss both teams’ adjustments without Devin Booker in the lineup

Solar Panel: Previewing ALL first round matchups, with Shane Young

Dave, PLR and special guest Shane Young

Solar Panel: Play-In Preview and all things Iffe with Morten Stig Jensen

Dave, Zona and Mort, the Danish reporter

Solar Panel: Every day we’re hustlin’

Dave, Fallen Founder and Zona

Solar Panel: Book for MVP? West playoff picture, Suns/Clips first round?

Dave, Fallen Founder and Lucas Hann/213Hoops

Solar Panel: Magic number, Perfect Torrey, Ayton’s big boards

Dave, Zona and PLR discuss the biggest Suns headlines

Solar Panel: Suns for DPOY, All-Defense with Mark Schindler/Basketball News

Dave and the Mark discuss the Suns players candidacy for All-Defense

Solar Panel: House of Payne?

Dave and the Fanning the Flames O.G.s get you caught up on all things Suns

Solar Panel: Best of the West? Deep dive on Grizzlies with Drew Hill

Dave, Zona and PLR give the weekly updates and discuss their worst fear among West play-in teams

Solar Panel: CamWOW, Suns comeback + who’s the scariest play-in team?

Dave, Zona and PLR give the weekly updates and discuss their worst fear among West play-in teams

Solar Panel: MVP Push? Why Devin Booker will enter the MVP race

Zona and guests discuss the beauty in Chris Paul’s absence, including Devin Booker’s MVP push

Solar Panel: Dr. Raj Brar on the Chris Paul injury and recovery timeline

Phoenix Suns star Chris Paul is out 6-8 weeks — what does that mean for the Suns, and for Paul’s readiness for playoffs?