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Solar Panel Podcast

We're like a sports bar filled with Phoenix Suns fans. You just have to bring your own beer. Hosts Greg Esposito, Dave King and Saul Bookman take you on a weekly journey into the sometimes fun, sometimes painful and yet always entertaining world of Phoenix basketball. Subscribe where ever you get your podcasts, or listen right HERE.

Solar Panel says goodbye, recaps Suns at quarter pole

What do we know about the Suns 22 games in?

Solar Panel: Five Game Review + Book MVP?

Phoenix Suns podcast on Suns hot start

Solar Panel: Early developments including new-look Suns, Point Book, late-game DA and Mikal the Inhaler

Early in the season, the Suns stars are playing well but everyone else has been spotty

Solar Panel: Suns Opening Week Vibe Check

Does Opening Night or even opening week give insight into the season? Plus, a radio interview I hope you’ll enjoy

Solar Panel: Suns Season Preview MEGAPOD: Predictions, Awards and Rumors all in one place

Hosts from the Solar Panel, Suns JAM and Into the Valley pods come through for a mega-sized season preview of the Phoenix Suns!

Solar Panel: Preseason takes + Dray and Wemby

Solar Panel: Back to Basketball + Best Jae Crowder Trades

Phoenix Suns fans can finally just think about basketball, and trading Jae Crowder

Solar Panel: TRAINING CAMP PREVIEW with Gerald Bourguet

Solar Panel: Could Sarver really be OUT?? What’s next for the Suns

We break down all the angles on the Sarver situation

Solar Panel: Impact of Mitchell trade on Suns + HUGE Listener Mailbag!

Solar Panel: Suns can set tone early + changes among West contenders

What’s the most important leap needed from current Suns stars, to get that championship

Solar Panel: If not Durant, then... LeBron?

Latest pod — could the Suns pivot to another aging legend?

Solar Panel: Run it back??!? Suns biggest guarantees, worries if they just run it back

Can the Suns just run it back after what happened in Game 7?

Solar Panel: Insider Travonne Edwards on NBA landscape, Durant, Ayton, other trade rumors

Now, is there any realistic way the Suns can still get Kevin Durant?

Solar Panel: What the heck just happened with Ayton? Are all Durant trades dead?

Now, is there any realistic way the Suns can still get Kevin Durant?

Solar Panel: Latest on Ayton/Pacers and... Jalen Smith? Plus, more on KD and superstars running the league

Who knew there would be so many connections from Indiana Pacers to the Phoenix Suns?

Solar Panel: Scotto with latest on Ayton suitors, draft and other free agents

Michael Scotto of Hoopshype joins the show to discuss all the latest rumblings around Deandre Ayton

Solar Panel: Ayton trade scenarios and latest rumors

Plus, could Andrew Wiggins’ resurgence be a cautionary tale for the Suns with Deandre Ayton?

Solar Panel: Keith Smith on Ayton trade possibilities — what works, what doesn’t

No one is getting it right on Ayton trade rumors — there’s only certain places he can go

Solar Panel: Mikal’s embarrassment and Book’s money

We discuss Mikal Bridges embarrassment over Game 7, and Booker/Cam decisions looming for Suns.

Solar Panel: Ch-ch-ch-Changes! Who stays, who goes with Phoenix Suns?

The panel discusses rates the chances of every player staying/going on roster, why, when and for whom

Solar Panel: Suns Offseason Primer - what’s next? Ayton gone?

The panel discusses Suns rumors, discord, discontent and discombobulation ahead of free agency

Solar Panel: Previewing Game 7 of Suns-Mavericks - adjustments, changes needed for Suns win

Dave, Zona and MavsDraft talk adjustments, takeaways and predictions for Game 7!

Solar Panel: Is this a series now? With Tim Cato/The Athletic

Takeaways from Suns-Mavericks after three games, and the other active playoff series

Solar Panel: Suns vs. Mavericks Series Preview, with Flex and Kirk Henderson/Mavs Moneyball

Takeaways from Suns/Pelicans and Mavs/Jazz, previewing matchups and T/F on Suns/Mavericks

Solar Panel: Suns-Pelicans reax and prep for Game 6, with Pels media Mason Ginsberg

Pelicans podcaster Mason Ginsberg joins to share takeaways and predictions for Game 6 of Suns-Pelicans

Solar Panel: FLEX BOMB on Booker’s hammy, Suns-Pels Game 3 Reax, predictions and more!

Flex gives us timeline to Booker’s health, we dissect the Suns-Pelicans series, and go around the league

Solar Panel: Booker-less Suns-Pelicans adjustments, with Mason Ginsberg

Dave, Zona and Mason discuss both teams’ adjustments without Devin Booker in the lineup

Solar Panel: Previewing ALL first round matchups, with Shane Young

Dave, PLR and special guest Shane Young

Solar Panel: Play-In Preview and all things Iffe with Morten Stig Jensen

Dave, Zona and Mort, the Danish reporter

Solar Panel: Every day we’re hustlin’

Dave, Fallen Founder and Zona

Solar Panel: Book for MVP? West playoff picture, Suns/Clips first round?

Dave, Fallen Founder and Lucas Hann/213Hoops


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