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Phoenix Suns Trade Rumors

Woj: Price is dropping for Jahlil Okafor

From #TheProcess to #TheTimeline?

REPORT: Suns want Bucks’ Brogdon for Bledsoe

Brogdon was named 2016-17 NBA Rookie of the Year

Open NBA Draft-Day Thread: Let's get it!

BSOTS Roundtable: 2015 Draft Predictions

The Bright Side of the Sun staff weighs in on Thursday's NBA Draft.

Why the Suns Should Make the Big Offer for Boogie

Should the Suns target David West?

With trade season unofficially begun, the Phoenix Suns must be looking at ways to upgrade their roster. David West is aging, but would he be a good fit on the struggling Suns?

Suns Rumors: Offseason Frenzy

A collection of all the rumors swirling around the web the past few weeks, including trades and free agent signings.

Trade Deadline Day: Will the Suns make a move?

The Phoenix Suns have just a few hours left to solidify their rotation for a playoff run, unless they already believe that rotation is good to go right now.

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Reviewing 25 years of Suns deadline deals

Remember all the trades the Suns have made near the deadline in the last 25 years? You don't, do you? Well now you can!

NBA Trade Deadline is a Game of Thrones

The Phoenix Suns have a pure heart and loyal following but are feeling the pressure to sell their souls in order to join the league's elite.

Vescey: Suns desperate for Hayward

A year after the Suns made a max offer to Eric Gordon, which was quickly matched by New Orleans, the Phoenix Suns are "reportedly" planning to overpay Utah SF Gordon Hayward next summer.

Trade Rumors: Butler to Milwaukee?

Reportedly, Caron Butler has been traded before ever playing a game in a Suns uniform. He was traded, at his request, to Milwaukee for spare parts and, ultimately, cap space.

Kendall Marshall on the block? is reporting the Suns are trying to trade 2012 lottery pick Kendall Marshall.

RUMOR: Suns and Spurs chatting about Gortat trade

This is a pretty thin rumor in the scheme of NBA trade rumors, but it has the ring of plausibility. Of course, this time of year with free agency and trade rumors flying all over the place, one can never tell.

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Deadline Coverage Stream

Haddadi to Suns!!

It happened! We got us a huge backup, backup center! And then, reportedly, the Suns are releasing Haddadi immediately.

NBA Trade Deadline Done: Telfair out, 2 in

With just two hours to go in the NBA trade deadline, it seems plausible that there will be few if any trades made by the Phoenix Suns. There is a slight possibility that the Suns move a small unused piece for a second round pick. Other than that, I w

All quiet in Phoenix, sources say

After speaking to a few league sources and player agents here is the latest on the trade front in regards to the Suns.

Deadline Day! Let's do this!

The Suns may or may not do something interesting today with the trade deadline but, just like the acquisition of Marcus Morris yesterday, rest assured if something happens you won't have seen it coming.

Suns add another Morris

The Phoenix Suns have reportedly reunited the Morris brothers by acquiring Marcus from the Houston Rockets as part of a three-team deal.

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Gambo shoots down Gortat to OKC rumor

That was fun while it lasted...

Trade options dwindling for Suns

In years past, the Phoenix Suns were actively involved in many rumors as they took offers for their star players. This year, the Suns are possible buyers but the market is thin and the team seems to very stingy when it comes to giving up assets to ge

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Josh Smith trade rumor roundtable: What are the experts saying? -

We asked the writers that know Josh best and those covering the teams linked to him to help solve the J-Smoove Riddle.

Rumor: Gortat, Tucker for Perkins, Lamb,Future #1?

According to Paul Coro of, there was rumor over the All-Star Break of the Oklahoma City Thunder possibly taking Marcin Gortat in exchange for a bad contract, rookie Jeremy Lamb and future first-round draft pick.

Josh Smith rumors get cold bath from Coro

The NBA trade deadline is now only hours away so of course the rumors are flying which prompts a round of counter rumors. In this case, we have national media breathlessly reporting the Suns interest in Josh Smith while local media more plugged into

Woj: GMs think Suns will make big move!

The NBA trade rumor mill is about move into high gear just days before Thursday's deadline. One of the most connected of insiders reports that the Phoenix Suns could be among the most active teams when the deal dust has settled.

Smith still dominating rumor mill

According to a report from Detroit News writer Vincent Goodwill, the Phoenix Suns are still talking to the Atlanta Hawks about talented but inconsistent PF Josh Smith.

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Jermaine O’Neal open to trade but has other things on his mind

"I have a tough situation coming up with my daughter," O’Neal said. "She’s having heart surgery in Boston on March 5. She has a leaky valve that has to be corrected because her body is having to work too hard. She is having chest pains. "For me, it’s one thing after another. I haven’t even had a chance to think about that (trade possibilities). Every time I think about basketball, real life tends to talk to me a little bit. My focus is to finish my job and what I signed up to do. If they want to do something to help the team, I’m for it."

Dudley doesn't want to go anywhere

Jared Dudley is the kind of guy you want on your team. He is well-spoken, loyal and a consummate team player. Rather than consider getting traded to a contender, Dudley's first inclination is to stick it out with the Suns and ride the wave back to the top.

Report: Shumpert wants a trade

According to, New York Knicks guard Iman Shumpert is interested in moving to a new team "soon".

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Trade Rumors - Gortat

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Trade Rumors: Dudley


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