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Locker Room: Bledsoe, lots of others talk Suns win

Locker Room Report: Len, Dragic, Bledsoe

Locker Room: Suns players talk win over Cavs

Markieff Morris was the best player in the game on Tuesday night, but he didn't do the regular locker room media so we've got P.J. Tucker, Goran Dragic and Alex Len for you instead. And quotes from coach Jeff Hornacek and Cavs player LeBron James.

Locker Room Report: Hey there, Zoki!

Huge fast break dunk by Alex Len!

Locker Room Report: Bad Loss Hangover

Despite promising play lately, the Phoenix Suns dropped their third consecutive game on Tuesday night to the Miami Heat running on fumes of their fourth game in five nights.

Suns Locker Room Report: Slash Brothers Speak

The Slash Brothers showed up last night in a big way to help the Suns get a win at home against the Pacers. Here's what they had to say after the game.

Locker Room: "Shocked" by loss to Magic

Locker Room Report: Dragic, Tucker, Hornacek

The Phoenix Suns beat the Denver Nuggets on Wednesday in a thrilling offensive display by both teams. The Suns pulled it out with some Gerald Green wizardry.

Locker Room Report: Hornacek, Thomas, Kerr, more

After their second double-digit comeback of the season, players were all smiles in the locker room.

Locker Room Report: Tucker, Bledsoe, Dragic

Hear from P.J. Tucker, Eric Bledsoe and Goran Dragic after the gut wrenching loss to Sacramento on Friday night.

Inside Suns Opening Night

Locker Room Report: Thomas, Bledsoe, Len, Dragic

Postgame interviews with Goran Dragic, Eric Bledsoe, Alex Len and Isaiah Thomas.

Goran Dragic and Dinosaur means Halloween hilarity

Not much introduction needed for a video of Goran Dragic teaming up with a dinosaur to scare his fellow Phoenix Suns teammates. You'll watch and laugh and maybe even be a bit scared yourself!

Postgame Report: Dragic, Len, Thomas and Morris

Video Highlights of Saturday's Scrimmage

Tucker emcees the Rookie Dance Off

More Vids: Babby and McDonough on the Bright Side

Suns Media Day - vids, vids and more vids!

Video: Inside Suns Media Day

Spotlight on Zoran Dragic

Take a look at an in-depth interview of Zoran Dragic.

Bogdan>Bojan in international Bogdanovic clash

Phoenix Suns draftee Bogdan Bogdanovic came up big in the clutch as his Serbian national team took on Bojan Bagdanovic and Croatia.

Bledsoe has options, but not as many as he thought

Relive the great KJ dunk on Hakeem!

One of the most memorable dunks in Phoenix Suns history is being honored tonight at halftime of Suns/Rockets.

Featured Fanshot

Is Goran Dragic The Best PG in the NBA? How the Suns Lit Up The Pacers Defense

From Coach Nick of Bball Breakdown looking at how Suns tore up the Pacers defense.

Fan-vid: Suns through the years

Compiled by Bright Side user rookieyear.

VIDEO: How Suns attacked Warriors defense

Coach Nick of BBall Breakdown looks at how the Suns attacked the Warriors pick and roll defense with a combination of slashing and shooting.

Video: Frye has no restrictions

The Phoenix Suns announced on Monday at Media Day that Channing Frye was completely cleared to return to basketball as a member of the team.

Video: Top 10 Suns plays from last season

New Suns unis, in video

Video: Dragic fights, gets ejected in "friendly"

The frustration could not have been building for long, since the score was only 5-2 in the first period when this happened. But it's clear Dragic was frustrated with how he reacted to a clean strip on a drive to the hoop.

Featured Fanshot

Archie Goodwin speaks

Archie Goodwin at Summer League (via BrightSideSBN). Horrible camera work here, but should be good enough to get the gist. Note to Lon Babby: I'm not being sarcastic, just having a little fun. I really like this kid and his potential. Great pick!

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