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Coach Nick interviews Coach Hornacek in Vegas

2013 NBA Summer League Phoenix Suns head coach Jeff Hornacek (via bballbreakdown)

Video: Bledsoe's Top 10 NBA Plays

From, check out the eye-popping plays the Phoenix Suns new guard can make.

Video: Suns Introduce New Head Coach Jeff Hornacek


VIDEO: McDonough Is Ready To Get To Work

The question now becomes: Who will be available for the Phoenix Suns with the No. 5 Overall Pick? It is not a drastic difference from where they were at No. 4, but one slot could mean the player you absolutely love and the player you really like...

Tucker's defense failed vs Harden

In this video breakdown we look at P.J. Tucker's individual defensive performance against James Harden. The video and numbers don't look good for the Suns "stopper".

Video: How do you grade Markieff's defense?

There's no question that Markieff Morris has had an up-and-down season. He didn't make the leap that the team talked about and he's come under fire from media and fans for not being...better. Here we look at video of his defense that shows solid work

Hamed's kick pass alley-oop!

Check out the feet on big daddy Haddadi.

Video: Hunter, Dragic on Suns effort in loss

Lindsey Hunter was talking small victories and Goran Dragic praised Markieff Morris' effort.

Video: Hunter and Scola on a "ridiculous" loss

No punches were pulled and the truth of the matter was laid out. Losing to the Kings at home when both teams are bad is not worth of the moniker, "Big Game."

Video: Hunter & Johnson Pleased With Effort

All a coach wants from his team is for them to play hard and show effort at the minimum. If the talent is there then the results will com, without the talent interim head coach Lindsey Hunter is simply looking for the effort. He got it last night.

Video: Hunter & Dragic On Lackluster Effort

In the 88-79 loss the Phoenix Suns didn't just lose on the scoreboard, but they lost internally as the cracks are starting to form in the foundation established in effort.

The Dragon nutmegs Nash!

Goran Dragic has been passing the ball through players legs in the halfcourt all season, but not cross-court on the fast break.

Video: Kendall Marshall = John Paxson?

After the Phoenix Suns knocked off the Los Angeles Lakers for the second time at home this season Lindsey Hunter, Luis Scola, Jared Dudley, and Kendall Marshall all spoke about the win.

Video: Beasley monster dunk

Michael Beasley had his play of the season on Saturday night in Washington. Watch it here.

Featured Fanshot

Rockets video tribute to Luis Scola

Houston Rockets Luis Scola Tribute Video (via clutchfansDOTnet)

VIDEO: Hunter And Johnson Discuss The Denver Loss

The Phoenix Suns battled hard, but in the end they came up short as the talent of the Denver Nuggets outweighed the talent of the Suns.

VIDEO: Marshall, Dragic, and Hunter Talk Winning

"He is a big guy, so I felt like it was a good gap..." Kendall Marshall talks about the highlight of the night as he threaded the needle on a pass between the legs of Omer Asik to Jared Dudley.

VIDEO: Hunter, Johnson & Dragic Are All Smiles

Smiley Wes as he being dubbed, Wes Johnson, is continuing his solid play over the past three games with a big third quarter tonight. He is earning his time and showing some of that potential that landed him in the Top of the NBA Draft a few years ago

Here's what Suns overtime used to look like

On December 22, 2006 the Phoenix Suns lost in overtime to the Washington Wizards. It was the greatest game I ever saw in person.

VIDEO: Hunter & Dudley Discuss Effort

Interim Head Coach Lindsey Hunter and veteran Jared Dudley talk after the loss to the Spurs about effort, the offense, and the teams struggles as of late.

Featured Fanshot

Lindsey Hunter after Spurs game

Interim coach Hunter was happy with the effort in the loss to the Spurs.

Featured Fanshot

Hunter stares down Beasley after airball

Every coach thinks he can be the one to get through to Michael Beasley but they all end up looking like this.

Video: Dragic on career night

Postgame video featuring Goran Dragic talking about his career night.

Steve Nash Tribute Video

Here's the video the Phoenix Suns produced in honor of Capitan Canada.

Postgame Video (plus the role of luck in Suns win)

Phoenix Sun coach Lindsey Hunter answers questions about why Michael Beasley has stepped in his postgame press conference after the Suns beat the Lakers at home. Goran Dragic and Marcin Gortat also discuss the win.

VIDEO: Gentry Frustrated & Dragic Has No Answers

Frustration boiled over after last nights loss to the point where head coach Alvin Gentry was very short with the media and most players somberly exited the locker room with a defeated presence about them.

VIDEO: Gentry Applauds Thunder & Durant Dunks

This game was full of highlights and entertainment, unfortunately most of them came for the other side as the Westbrook and Durant Show took over in 11th gear.

Dudley: "Not a good team right now."

Gentry said it was a disaster. Dudley said they are just not a good team right now. I say they are breaking out of their offense and defense too much, so of course they are not consistent.

VIDEO: Gentry, Scola, and Dragic applaud execution

It is always a much more comfortable locker room after a win, especially one that comes against a team that beat them in heartbreaking fashion earlier this year and the Phoenix Suns ring in the New Year with a victory.

Talent lacking, Suns fail in clutch

The Suns dropped a very winnable home game to the injury-riddled New York Knicks. It came down to a couple of late possessions which are normally the difference between decent bad teams and good winning teams.

48 busy hours with coach Corey Gaines

Phoenix Suns assistant coach / Phoenix Mercury head coach is followed by for 48 hours during the recent road trip. Gaines mixes both parts of his job, working with Suns young players and scouting potential first overall picks for the Mercury

Suns discuss beating Sacramento Moral Hazards

The unspoken answer, of course, is that the Suns were playing the Sacramento Kings. That allowed them to play only half a game and still win. And by "unspoken", we mean everyone not named Marcin Gortat who doesn't have that term in his vocabulary.

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